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Singers Hill Synagogue is home to the Birmingham Hebrew Congregation and has been the focal point for Jewish worship and community life in Birmingham for over 160 years. Known as the “Cathedral Synagogue", Singers Hill is Birmingham’s most important and influential Synagogue. Built in 1856, the outstandingly beautiful building was recently awarded English Heritage’s prestigious award for “Most Improved Place of Worship”.

The Chief Minister of the Birmingham Hebrew Congregation, Rabbi Yossi Jacobs, together with Rebbetzen Jacobs, have overseen a period of great advancement since their appointment 7 years ago. Under their leadership, membership has increased significantly, and the community now benefit from men’s and women’s classes, a Cheder, a Mother & Baby group, an after school club, youth and teenage programmes, singles events, pensioner outings, keep fit classes and weekly Shabbat Kiddushim, amongst many other things.

Singer’s Hill is a traditional Anglicised Synagogue and its services follow Ashkenaz, with a friendly and welcoming approach. The Choir enhances each and every service.

Birmingham Hebrew Congregation own and maintain the King David Primary School, rated “Outstanding” by OFSTED, and all the Jewish Cemeteries in Birmingham. Its links with the leaders of other faiths, as well as the local Government and Council are celebrated at the annual Civic Service, when the Lord Mayor is the guest of honour at a Shabbat morning service.

Educational visits from schools, universities and other educational and social organisations are welcomed throughout the year.

Come along. Explore Judaism with us!

Our tours are led by professional Tour Guides who will take you on an inspiring educational visit to the West Midlands oldest Synagogue, still in daily use. 
The educational visits we offer meet the statutory requirements laid upon schools to provide a basic curriculum of religious education from foundation stage, Key stages 1-4 and sixth form.
On your visit with us we will cover the following subjects:
  • The Torah Scrolls
  • Jewish Traditions
  • The Jewish Symbols
  • Interactive tour - Q&A's & Much More
Our tours are interactive. Visitors are welcome to ask questions.

Singers Hill Synagogue situated close to the Mailbox in the heart of the City, has been the main Jewish place of worship in Birmingham and the Midlands for over 160 years.

Designed by Yeoville Thomason (who later went on to design the Council House in Victoria Square), it is one of the few Grade Two Star listed Synagogues in the County and is full of history and splendour.

The interior has recently been refurbished and visitors are able to see many biblical scenes, events in our recent history, festival depictions and symbols of our faith illustrated in our unique stained glass windows.


Our professional guided school tours give a flavour of Judaism and explain many of the key elements of our faith.

The tour lasts for approximately one and a half hours. The content is designed to fit in with the requirements of National Curriculum and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions – so please think of some interesting ones!


If you wish for a specific aspect of Judaism to be focussed on during the tour please arrange this when making your booking and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.


Separate adult tours are also available.


Please note:

  • Please act in a respectful manner while in the building.

  • All boys and men are required to have their head covered while in the Synagogue. This can be any kind of hat or cap, or skull caps can be loaned.

  • No food or drink of any kind may be brought in to the synagogue.

  • Cameras are welcome.

  • Some background of Judaism is not necessary but is highly recommended.

An Award Winning Synagogue
English Heritage's
Most Improved Place
of Worship
The West Midland's Oldest 
Newly Renovated Victorian
Grade Two Star Listed Building
Home to the Jewish Community
in and around Birmingham
Since 1856

Singers Hill Synagogue

Birmingham Hebrew Congregation

Ellis Street, Birmingham, B1 1HL

0121 643 0884 /

Most frequently asked questions

Question: What is the duration of the tour?

Answer: Approximately 90 minutes. 
Question: What happens if the school party is late arriving for the Synagogue tour?

Answer: You need to contact the office at the Synagogue (0121 643 0884), if you are running late. The tour can commence on your arrival but may have to be cut short if another school is booked in immediately after your visit. 
Question: If the party arrives earlier than the agreed appointment is there anywhere to wait?

Answer: Unfortunately there is nowhere suitable to wait. If arriving by bus it is best to remain on the bus. Alternatively, we are very close to the Mail Box with all its attractions. Otherwise please try to arrive on time. 

Question: Is food and drink allowed to be consumed in the Synagogue? Answer: No food or drink is not allowed in the Synagogue, it all has to be Kosher. 
Question: Is any headwear to be worn?

Answer: Yes, particularly for the boys; it is optional for girls. The Synagogue can supply Kapels (skul caps) if required. 
Question: Is there coach/ bus parking?

Answer: The coach can park outside the Synagogue to disembark the children. The coach usually parks outside the Synagogue on the double yellow lines and provided the driver stays with the coach there is usually no problem. Unfortunately large coaches cannot clear the car park barrier and have to remain on the road.
Question: Is there a charge for the tour?

Answer: Yes, there is a fixed cost of £60 for up to 22 children. Extra children above this number are charged at £2.75 each. This cost covers the professional guide as well as a contribution towards the cost of maintaining the Synagogue. There is no charge for teachers or helpers. 
Question: When do we need to pay?

Answer: Please pay at least 5 working days prior to the visit.
Question: Can we visit in advance in order to make a risk assessment?

Answer: Yes, you are welcome to visit the synagogue prior to the tour, by appointment. Please Telephone: 0121 643 0884. 
Question: How many can there be in a group?

Answer: The maximum number of children in a tour is limited to 45. This does not include teachers and assistants. 
Cancellation: There is a £25 charge for cancellation within 5 working days of the due date. 
Please be respectful by keeping noise to a minimum whilst in the Synagogue.  



To make a booking: Please email us on: or use the contact form below.

Please provide us the following information and we will endeavor to accommodate you as soon as possible.

Please ensure you book your tour well in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Your name, your Email, the organisations name, number of people coming and ages.

Please provide us with preferred dates and any other necessary information.

If you require further information please call us on 0121 643 0884.

Success! Message received.

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Tel:  + 44 (0) 121 643 0884

Fax: + 44 (0) 121 643 2273


Birmingham Hebrew Congregation 

Singers Hill Synagogue

Birmingham, United Kingdom, B1 1HL

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Singers Hill Synagogue Birmingham
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